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  • Clothing store anti-theft solution

    Clothing stores are a place we like to go to after work and leisure, whether there is no intention to buy like to go shopping; clothing stores such open-priced self-selected open merchandise retail places very attractive to customers, but also attracted some thieves to patronize, especially some ...
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  • About the Advantages of Floor System

    The floor system is an anti-theft system that is buried under the floor and cannot be seen by customers. In addition, the concealed floor system is actually a kind of AM anti-theft system, and the frequency used is also 58KHz. In addition, the floor system is one of the ...
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  • Why Choose AM Security Antenna?

    With the continuous development of the wholesale industry, open price and free experience have once become a shopping method that people like. However, while merchants provide customers with this convenient shopping experience, product safety is also an important issue that disturbs merchants. Du...
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  • Use of Tags or labels

    1. The cashier is easy to find, convenient for degaussing/removing nails 2. No damage to the product 3. Does not affect the appearance 4. Do not cover up important information on goods or packaging 5. Do not bend the label (the angle should be greater than 120°) The company recommends that the an...
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  • Does the supermarket choose RF system or AM system?

    In modern society, opening a supermarket, I think it is almost indispensable to install a supermarket anti-theft system, because the anti-theft function of the supermarket anti-theft system in the supermarket is indispensable. So far, there is nothing to replace. But whe...
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  • 8 factors to consider when choosing an anti-theft alarm system

    1. the detection rate  Detection rate refers to the uniform detection rate of undemagnetized tags in all directions in the monitoring area. It is a good performance indicator to weigh whether the supermarket anti-theft alarm system is reliable. A low detection rate often also means a high false a...
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  • The anti-theft alarm in a clothing store misreported and was almost taken as a clothing thief

    We often visit shopping malls, and clothing anti-theft alarm doors can basically be seen at the door of the mall. When goods with anti-theft buckles pass by the device, the clothing alarm will make a beeping sound. There are also people who have made trouble because of this kind of alarm. For exa...
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  • The basic principles of commodity EAS and eight performance indicators

    EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), also known as electronic commodity theft prevention system, is one of the widely used commodity security measures in the large retail industry. EAS was introduced in the United States in the mid-1960 s, originally used in the clothing industry, has expanded ...
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  • Clothing security system solutions

    Ⅰ.Current Situation of Security in Clothing Store  From the management mode analysis: stores generally do not have help desk, storage cabinets, for the optional mode. This will not control the customer’s belongings. Like leather bags, clothing, shoes and hats, will become stolen. On the oth...
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  • Welcome to attend 15th International Internet of Things Exhibition

    This exhibition will be held on April 21 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, IOT means ‘The Internet of Things’, is the next generation Internet of Things Explorer platform with privacy,Secure,convenient,fast and strong scalability for smart adaptation new IOT applications ...
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  • What’s EAS?

    What is EAS? How does it play a protective role? When you shipping in a big mall, have you ever encountered a situation where the door ticking in the entrance? In wikipedia,it says Electronic article surveillance is a technological method for preventing shoplifting from retail stores, pilferage ...
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  • Why can’t you steal from an Unmanned Vending Machines?

    Why can’t you steal from an Unmanned Vending Machines?

    Why can't you steal from an Unmanned Vending Machines? Have you ever used an unmanned vending machines? Compared with the early unmanned vending machines, there will be no more embarrassment of "...
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