About Us

Established in 2010

Etagtron is a high-tech enterprise offering professional management platform, intelligent RFID solution and smart loss prevention since 2010. With the core technologies of RFID and EAS, our business fields have scaled from retail sector to automotive logistics sector. Utilizing advancing and innovative intelligent techniques, we can effectively help the enterprise realize the intelligent whole chain management and the transformation of ‘New Retail’ mode through big data identification, traceability and optimization in the cloud platform. We have offered professional services including consulting, design, R&D, execution and training to thousands of leading brands worldwide.


Loss Prevention

Our innovative solutions are designed to help hypermarket,supermarket,clothing Store,digital Shop,etc, to protect their merchandise, prevent shrink and fight the threats posed by retail crime—while still delivering a frictionless experience for shoppers. Etagtron is on the forefront of loss prevention innovation that also delivers greater visibility into shrink and improves operational efficiency.


Digital Shop
  • Length: 200mm

  • Width:123mm

  • Height:1460mm